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Need a way to manage your inventory? We have a Knack for that!

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What is “Knack” and who has it?

*Knack is an inventory management system offered to GRPI customers for whom we keep stock inventory.

*We have set up most of the customers who currently have stock in our warehouse to be able to use Knack.

*Any new customer that will be keeping stock in the warehouse can be added. 

*Knack is updated weekly to reflect stock additions (received shipments) and stock deductions (shipments out).

*Each sales rep has been added to be able to see each of their respective customers and parts to be able to manage customer contact based on low shipping activity or low stock.


•One of GRPI’s strongest value-added programs is our stocking program.  We currently stock over $760,000 of inventory in our Weatherford warehouse. Our stocking program is a win-win for the customer….we do not charge them until they ship, we do not charge customer for stocking, we keep customer in supply.  All we require is a signed stocking agreement that confirms they will take the parts should they become obsolete or they change design.

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