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At Global Resource Products, Inc., We bring the World to You!


At Global Resource Products, Inc., or GRPI, our key personnel bring decades of experience to the design, sourcing, and production of quality and innovative products from around the globe. Our personal attention to detail and customer service set us apart from our competition and make GRPI your best choice for worldwide sourcing of high volume, high quality manufactured products.



•  GRPI works with a vast network of ISO 9000 suppliers to locate the best factory for your parts at the price you need to pay and deliveries you can live with.


•  GRPI are Logistic Experts enabling you to not only save on the cost of your purchased parts, but also to generate lower costs for transportation, storage, and associated expenses.


•  GRPI offers on-site inspection to offer confidence that the parts we build for you will be free of defects and made to your exact specifications.


•  GRPI offers in-house engineering to assist in the design & development of parts and processes.

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