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Why Choose Us


We can produce series of Wire Harnesses


1. Automotive,  Motocycle, Bus, Bike, Truck wire          cable assembly

2. Electrical cable and wire harness                           3. Audio, Video, Radio cable and ISO wire harness

4. Industrial wire cable harness                                   5. Home appliance wire harness                               6. Fuse wire, game machine wire harness

7. Power, LVDs, Flat RCA, USB cable harness

8. Control and panel wiring cable assemblies

9. Medical equipment cable and harness


Our advantages

- Small Batch, Many Varieties are our advantages

•We can supply our customer small quantity, and many varieties, with very flexible production can meet customer different demand.

•Every details of process/cost/quality we know how for customer’s final product.

- Cost-effective by skilled employees, production optimization and sourcing ability of our          cable/connectors, offer the best price to our customers.

- Experienced:10+ years of the wire harness/cable assembly Manufacturer.

- High production capacity to ensure on time delivery


Our Services

-We accept OEM/ODM design, welcome any customized cable

-Issue engineer drawing for customer approval

-Fabricate first article samples

-Quick lead time for mass production

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